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There is a Natural Birth Control Cream that is so Effective, so Pleasurable, so Easy that you'll Never Risk Dangerous Side Effects Again.


A Precious Gift

Your Health is Everything

No Longer do you Need to Suffer to Protect Yourself from Unwanted Pregnancy.


Freedom Like Never Before

No Hormones. No Spermicides. No Fragrance.

Made from all Plant Extracts and Minerals. Wise Women's Choice, A Birth Control You Can Trust.


A Birth Control You Can Trust

Wise Women’s Choice is 99% effective. While No Contraceptive offers 100% protection, this is just as, or more effective than synthetic options, without all the risk. 

All Ingredients are Pure Plant Extracts and Minerals

The Ingredients of Wise Women’s Choice are: Distilled Water, Glycerine, Potassium Olivate (Origen: Organic Olive), Potassium Palmate (Origen: Palm), Potassium Citrate (Origen: Citrus) Tocopherol (Vitamin E from Plant Sources) 


No Harmful Side Effects

Less than 2% of Wise Women’s Choice users report experiencing irritation, the only known side effect. After several uses the body may become used to the cream and the irritation subside. Coconut oil can be used as a lubricant applied to the labia, while the cream is applied inside the vagina. 

Commitment to Quality

Wise Women’s Choice is produced in Costa Rica, where it has full approval by the Ministry of Health for Sale in Pharmacies, Shops, and Online. Each batch is tested for efficacy and irritation and adheres to The Ministry of Health’s strict guidelines.  

Reasons to Switch to Natural Birth Control

If you’re here, you probably already know…


     For generations, hormonal and synthetic birth controls have been destroying women’s health. Exposing us to class one carcinogens, destroying our libido, ruining our mental health with depression and anxiety, putting weight on us, causing long term fertility issues, altering our brain structure…not to mention killing hundreds of young women every year from heart attacks and blood clots…


     PhD Sara E Hill, the woman at the forefront of the study of hormonal birth control’s effects on us explains that hormonal birth control alters our brain and hormonal system, and in doing so alters the version of ourselves that we are both creating and experiencing. 


This is profound. This is who you are. This is the expression of your Essence in the World. 


We came here for so much more than to be chemically manipulated and put at risk for horrible things because of our Birth Control. 


Sister, You Deserve So Much Better.


     Wise Women’s Choice Natural Birth Control Cream gives us a better way. It works by immobilizing the sperm in the vagina so that it cannot leave the vagina to arrive to the Fallopian tubes, where an egg would be fertilized. It has No Hormones, No Spermicide, No Fragrance, and No Sarmful Side Effects.

Finally a Birth Control Option that really works that you can trust with your precious health. 


     Wise Women’s Choice is dedicated to providing women a better way. We offer revolutionary education in our Wise Women’s Choice Guide to Natural Birth Control, and the most effective natural option out there.


We are holding the vision of a world where our birth control goes hand in hand with our empowerment, and no one has to suffer from their contraception ever again,. 

Finally, the Truth...

Debunking Myths: Unveiling the Efficacy of Natural Birth Control

A common myth is that natural birth control doesn’t work effectively. Wise Women’s Choice, however, stands as a testament to the contrary. When applied as directed, our cream has been proven just as effective as synthetic methods, offering a reliable, hormone-free birth control option you can rely on. 

     Wise Women’s Choice offers you not only freedom from harmful side effects, but true freedom from the fear of unwanted pregnancy. 

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Now in Your Local Costa Rican Organic Shops and Pharmacies. Ships Internationally with some exceptions. Find us at Kapi Kapi, Chirripo, Selva Organica, Platinillo, Trincheras, San Isidro del General, Farmacia Los Crestones, Rivas, Macrobiotica, Jaco, Ecomuna Market, San Jose, with more shops coming each week!

Approved by the Costa Rican Ministry of Health

Though we are not approved by the FDA in the States, we are fully approved and registered with the Ministry of Health in Costa Rica where we are available in Pharmacies and Natural Shops Country Wide.

Money Back Guarantee

We have had thousands of happy customers and know you will love our Cream. Less than 2% of women have experienced irritation, the only known side effect, and are unable to use the cream because of this. If you are unhappy with your product and unable to use it we are very happy to refund you your investment.

Friendly & Helpful Staff

We are here for you! Questions? Concerns? Collaborations? Reach out, We are here to be of service!!! We have incredible opportunities to partner together to spread this amazing revolution, if you feel called to work with us, let's connect

Delivery from

Costa Rica, Pura Vida. Because we are located in Costa Rica your cream may take 2 weeks to a month to arrive depending on where you are in the world. We realize this is quite different from the quick shipping options we are used to in this modern age. We are actively working on creating faster shipping to better serve you and thank you for your patience in the meantime. Someone once said, "the best things in life are worth the wait."

the wise woman revolution

Being the Change

The Wise Women's Choice Top Sex Educator Kim Anami

Kim Anami is the sex guru we need right now. 

Sacred Sexuality is our birthright. Just as we were never taught the truth and wisdom of our fertility, we were never taught the truth and wisdom of our sexuality. Nobody told us how it works. Nobody gave us the details and told us how to go there… Wise Women’s Choice Brings you this revolutionary resource, the teachings of Kim Anami. She is here to show the way that every woman can experience deeper levels of orgasm, pleasure, and enjoyment of their sexuality. It is the teachings we’ve all been praying for. Her Well F**ked Woman’s Salon is Coming Up Very Soon and it only takes place once a year. If you feel the call to find the way to deeper fulfillment in your sexuality….If you always knew there was something deeper for you to experience… If you always wanted to learn but had no-one to teach you… Now is your Chance. It will Change your Life. 

The Wise Women's Choice Guide to Natural Birth Control

We believe that understanding our fertility is our birthright. Wise Women’s Choice Director and Head of Education Lauren Love Teaches The Wise Women’s Choice Guide to Natural Birth Control for those who want to truly understand their Bodies. In this course you will learn The Scientifically Proven Fertility Awareness Method, Herbal Allies that have been used for thousands of years, how and when to use them, Natural Tools (How to use Wise within a Fertility Awareness practice and other natural tools you won’t believe), Masculine Empowerment, and the Mental and Spiritual Aspects of a Natural Birth Control Practice. This course will change your life and give you fertility and nature’s wisdom that is your birth right. All Wise Women’s Choice Customers become part of the family and get the keys to this Wisdom at 50% off. Just send us an email with the words WISE WOMAN to for your exclusive coupon code. 

The Wise Women's Choice Top Period Product: Period Panties

The Ayurvedic Teachings around Menstrual Flow share that our flow is meant to flow out of the body. The shift from stopping up this flow, to setting it free can be profound. These are the Wise Women’s Choice Top Choice for Period Panties. Certified PFA free. Comfy as Can Be. You no longer have to feel like you’re wearing a diaper if you want to let your flow…flow=)  Enjoy $12 off when you use the link below for a limited time. Available Internationally. 

The Wise Women's Choice Fertility Awareness App

The Fertility Awareness Method is the true, scientifically proven method of (finally!) understanding your fertility and utilizing it in a natural brith control practice. Our Fertility Awareness App allows you to track your fertility signs, creates your chart for you, and supports you in having clarity about when you are fertile and when you are not. And when you are fertile…there’s Wise Women’s Choice.

Wildly Generous Affiliate Opportunities

Here at Wise Women’s Choice our heart is Revolution. A Revolution in Women’s Health… This means not only a revolution in how we take care of our birth control needs, but a revolution in how we take care of ourselves, our families, and our finances… How we do business in a way where everyone thrives. We offer opportunities to partner with us in sharing this life changing option with your community, creating abundance while staying at home with the ones you love most. Be your own boss. Make as little or as much money as you choose to create.  Our heart with our affiliate partners is to empower women to live free. Free in their birth control choices, their career, and their lifestyle. With a revolutionary, world changing product as dependable as Wise, The Sky is the Limit. 

10 Natural Birth Control Options for 2024

In this article, we explore 9 natural birth control methods. Join us to explore this natural way of life. 

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